We provide services to business entities of various profiles and with different legal structures. The customers of our accounting office are both commercial partnerships with foreign capital and small one-person businesses subject to lump sum taxation.

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to companies, including bookkeeping, HR and payroll services as well as consultancy.

At our customers' request we offer three forms of bookkeeping:

  • bookkeeping in the FBR “Mazur i Partnerzy” office (also “online”),
  • bookkeeping at a customer's location – this form is recommended to customers with their own computer system
  • bookkeeping supervision for customers who have their own accounting department but at the same time are prepared to delegate duties and responsibilities of the Principal Accountant to the external firm. This kind of activity allows for using company own resources and introducing elements of external control at the same time.

Under the bookkeeping contract we undertake to:

  • keep general and analytical records for the company, that is record all business transactions in a ledger,
  • prepare financial reports,
  • prepare reports for statistical purposes,
  • evaluate accounting documents in the light of accountancy and tax law as well as decide about the way of including them in a ledger
  • decide on the amount of advance income tax payment and VAT tax settlements as well as complete monthly tax statements and yearly tax reports based on the information resulting from the records in a ledger and other necessary information provided by the Ordering Party,
  • verify the integrity of documentation received from the Ordering Party and inform them promptly of any deficiencies or irregularities in the documentation,
  • inform the Ordering Party of bookkeeping devices (records) the Ordering Party is obliged to keep in their place of business,
  • take part in control proceeding for the term of our bookkeeping services,
  • provide verbal advice and opinions regarding tax law
  • pass necessary information resulting from ledgers

The activity of accountants accountants delegated to keep company ledgers is supervised by a statutory auditor.

If you are interested in further details of cooperation with us regarding bookkeeping services, please contact as by e-mail at: