Hr and payroll

In relation to HR and payroll services we handle HR documentation such as employment contracts, social insurance statements, yearly tax returns for employees as well as notices of termination, employment termination, and HR and payroll consultancy.

Standard HR and payroll services include:
  • calculating remuneration in compliance with binding legal provisions and customer remuneration rules (main payroll, additional payroll and advance payments)
  • full management of employment contracts and civil law agreements (contracts of mandate, contracts for specific work, management contracts), including the issuance of contracts of mandate, preparing and providing information for employees concerning the amount of remuneration, social security deductions as well as income tax withholdings (the so-called payment slips and RMUA reports)
  • preparing monthly reports on collected income tax withholdings at a customer's request
  • preparing and delivering ZUS DRA social insurance statements and reports issued to the customer's name to the Social Insurance Office (ZUS)
  • issuing employment and earnings certificates
  • preparing and sending PFRON statements
  • GUS reports related to remuneration
  • registering the customer's employees in the ZUS Social Insurance Company (ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA documents)
  • preparing annual income tax returns PIT4R and PIT8A
  • activities related to salary garnishment
  • making reports on remuneration costs in specific departments
  • current HR and payroll matters consultancy in Polish
  • preparing documents for determining the entitlement to social security benefits (Z-3), N-7)
  • preparing annual income information for employees (PIT-11) or annual tax settlements (PIT-40)
Standard services related to HR administration include:
  • handling personal files held by the Customer or creating personal files if this kind of documentation has not been previously kept
  • day-to-day running and completing HR documentation
  • preparing documents necessary to start an employment relationship, change employments conditions and others required by the Labour Code
  • informing about the necessity to renew medical examinations, H&S training, etc., in relation to their expiry dates
  • deciding about and recording maternity leaves
  • collecting documentation related to employee absence periods (leave motions, medical reports and other documentation justifying their absence)
  • GUS reports connected with HR data
  • preparing documentation for punishments and rewards
  • deciding about redundancy and compensation pay
  • preparing documentation connected with the implementation of court seizures
  • assistance and cooperation with the Customer as regards ZUS, PIP or Tax Office inspections
We provide a number of extra services at the Customer's request.

Additional services include:
  • correcting ZUS registration and clearing statements, explaining the notices of errors in the documentation sent to the ZUS and the applied data correction called the WDR from the period preceding the cooperation
  • HR and payroll auditing the aim of which is a complex analysis of remuneration and calculating all related incumbrances in line with the binding legal provisions, based on the analysis of documentation connected with the relevant period
  • preparing such documents as work regulations, payment regulations, the ZFŒS, employment contract forms with provisions as indicated by the Customer
  • telephone or e-mail consultancy connected with day-to-day activities of the Ordering Party
  • preparing individual Excel report forms according to the guidelines provided by the Ordering Party
  • labour law and social security training.
The range of services is agreed and implemented individually with each Customer and may also include selected points. The basis for each HR and payroll service is an individual project prepared according to the analysis of needs and expectations of Customer.

If you are interested in further details of cooperation with us regarding bookkeeping services, please contact as by e-mail at: