Our auditing services include:

  • examination of individual and consolidated financial statements prepared according to the Act on Accounting or IFRS
  • mid-year reviews of financial statements
  • tax audit services
  • audits of projects financed from the European Union funds
The examination of financial statement is conducted by teams made up of a few people managed by an experienced statutory auditor and composed of tax specialists, trainee statutory auditors and assistants. A statutory auditor is at the disposal of the examined business entity starting from the moment of signing an agreement until its implementation.

During the examination we provide full economical and financial consultancy. In our work we are not confined to facts, but try to demonstrate irregularities and how to use the bookkeeping records correctly. The examination of financial statements is conducted based on the documentation of financial statements examination prepared by us, including the preliminary stage of examination, analysis and appraisal of recording and internal auditing systems as well as the principal examination with examination results needed to prepare the examination report and opinion.

What we offer:
  • keeping confidential all information obtained during the examination and related to the organisation and its business partners;
  • efficient and reliable examination in compliance with:
    • the Act on Accounting of 29 September, 1994
    • IAS or IFRS
    • the Act on Statutory Auditors and Their Self-Governing Organization of May 7, 2009
    • the National Auditing Standards issued by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors
    • International Standards for Financial Audits;
  • dealing with inquiries of the employees of organisation for the duration of and within the scope of agreement.
For further details regarding the examination of financial statements, please complete the information form and send it back to the address below: or fax +48 85 663 33 19.

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